Appalling, hypocritical Newt's audacity to run for the presidential nomination! Can anyone imagine an adulteress as First Lady? While he blasted Clinton's morals and touted Christian family values, Newt himself had secret affairs, had brought his mistress in to the home of his wife! Maybe some entitled 'white boys' can overlook such a sordid affair, but no woman voter ought to disregard a character as vicious, callous, deceitful and mean spirited as that of the former speaker of the house. Jon Stewart says it best as usual.

Boys will be boys no longer holds. Enough of white men's privilege! Enough already of outdated patriarchal values that make it o.k. for Newt to blast our sitting president, to call President Obama "stupid" simply for having refused to sign on to the further raping of the earth through the Keystone Pipeline. Yes, we need jobs, but not on cost of the environment. We need to further the healing of the environment and create green, environmentally sound jobs for real solutions.

Appalling, Mitt Romney's jitters in regard to revealing his tax returns. No, we, the majority, do not begrudge success, but we do hold financial success won on the backs of the poor (meaning unethical business practices, even if legal) against anyone that runs for public office. Off-shoring wealth to the Cayman Islands will not land any favors either with us, the voters, the 99%. Romney belongs to the 1%, no surprise the repugnant Republicans can even consider Mitt as presidential candidate.

Appalling finally, that our own Republican Governor Susana Martinez who looks like a nice enough lady, wants to reinstate the death penalty, wants to undo a decade of labor to abolish this outdated form of pure injustice and cruelty.

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