State Of The Union

 Our beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama
 Obama Cabinet led by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton
 Obama Cabinet arrived at Chamber of House
 Powerful Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State
 Gabby Giffords Hugged by the President of the US
Rep. Gifford in Congress for the last time.
 Shot almost 1 year ago, Rep. Gifford will resign.
 So vulnerable, Rep. Gifford seems to have become a symbol
for a divided Congress and Nation to unite in compassion.
Gabby Gifford's husband, Mark Kelly, NASA Astronaut
 Jackie Brae, symbol of the possibilities 
when given  the right educational opportunities.
Rare, a pretty woman up on the hill.
 Rare, a likable looking guy.
 President Barack Obama with characteristic tilted head.
 President Barack Obama, an orator par excellence.
 Sourpuss, Speaker of the House Boehner
 An enlightened house one may wish.
The President gave a powerful speech, as usual.
I do object to the glorification of the wars
and the achievements of the military,
including the assassination of Bin Laden.
Yes to no more bail-outs, hand-outs, cop-outs.
Yes to rewarding business in the US
and taxing those that take it abroad.
No to false optimism.
I doubt that America is truly back.
While there is concern for the middle class,
the poor are strangely left out of the equation.
Ralph Nader has a point that Progressives,
while seemingly having nowhere to go, 
should make demands of the Obama adminstration,
as they can (and may, I am afraid) simply stay home
when it is time to vote.
Again, an impressive speech from a visibly aged,
should we hope leaner and meaner,
but darn charismatic President.

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