The 99 Pledge

Fun to see so many familiar faces speak out for change I can believe in.

Occupy Santa Fe approved  (officially, at a General Assembly) a national campaign spearheaded by Alan Hoffman, to bring movements across the nation together in an effort to "get the money out of electoral politics". This video tells the Occupy movements around the country how to use The 99 Pledge package so as to encourage our representatives to place their votes for the people, rather then with the interests of the manipulative, moneyed corporations. End the legal bribing of our elected officials by the top 1%!
Representative Brian Egolf, the first to sign The 99 Pledge.
While Occupy Santa Fe officially ended the encampment last weekend and clean up efforts have been under way and are almost complete, Occupy Santa Fe activism is far from over. Big actions are being planed for the opening of our 30-day legislative session, please stay tuned, we have progressed in to another phase of an unstoppable movement.

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