The merry happiness season has thankfully come to an end, hallelujah! Way too much emphasis on happiness for my taste. Beware what you wish for, it may come true! Happiness is so overrated. Anderson Cooper's giggles are cute, maybe because we know him as such a serious and courageous journalist, but I sure had no desire to join him and the far out, over the top Kathy Griffin on CNN for New Years eve. I used to giggle a lot, as a girl in school, anxious nerves I suppose.

My holidays were spent home alone, that is with my three furry companions. Distractions would not do, no music, not even TV and my Mom's antique church sing-along book stayed stashed away unopened, not much singing came out of my mouth this season. Well, there is usually some humming,  mostly unintentional, these days more of the nature of 'We Will Overcome'.

I do not recommend spending holidays home alone, but neither do I recommend spending such in the folds of dysfunctional families. It's a no-win situation unless one feels loved before and after  the hoopla of holidays, so then the duration of such may be born with some confidence and some dignity.
With the start of a new year it seems time for a new survey. My inquiry in to your feelings about Obama (note my leaving out President on purpose, because I am mad and terribly disappointed in him) yielded a surprising 57% in his favor (out of 7 votes I should ad.) So, with my new poll I wonder how you feel about the year 2012? (Please vote in the poll to your right, multiple times if you wish.)

No fair to ask you without offering an answer myself, so simply stated I am worried. While I found hope in the Occupy movement I no longer wish to be associated with our local Occupy encampment and our local dysfunctional group that makes safety and communication not an absolute priority. Still I identify myself with the 99% and with those that demand change and those that object on moral grounds. The 99% has become a slogan, has become a useful synonym that begs less for exactitude, but more to bring attention to the fact that a small minority has been abusing their super powers for their own gain and on cost of real, live, hurting people. The specifics will become clearer. Locally, our progressives are busy bees preparing for this upcoming legislative session which starts January 17the and goes on for 30 days. I am prepared to occupy committee hearings, are you?

Beyond the legislature, this being an election year, I have a horror, first of all of so much money spent, basically to buy votes, basically invested away from people in need. Money Out Of Politics already, this is obscene! I loath the drivel of the ever same pundits dissecting every  manipulative statement every word, every move and gesture intended more to hide then reveal truth by those most uninspiring presidential candidates, analyzed at absurdum by the media. How anyone can even conceive of Gingrich as president is beyond me. Ron Paul has some redeeming qualities, his uncompromising authenticity rings true, his stand against military proliferation and against meddling in foreign affairs could win my favors, but look at  his position on women's rights, even over their own bodies, abominable. Huntsman holds appeal, but for the right I am told his Mormon roots are unacceptable. A Tea Party person considered the United States a Christian nation, why am I surprised? 

Thankfully my furry friends are blissfully unaware of all such goings-on. I might like to join them, but I am afraid that sticking our heads in to the sand, spacing out and pretending nothing really matters, will not be the responsible thing for any of us to practice.

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