Occupy The New Mexico State Capitol

JANUARY 17TH, 10:30 AM - 5 PM


  1. The following email announcement was sent out to 120 New Mexico legislators and ...leaders on January 6. Representatives of the media were copied.

    To: Governor Susana Martinez, Lt. Governor John Sanchez, Leaders and Members of the NM State Legislature

    It is with great pride that thousands of engaged citizens, your constituents, will join together for a March to the Round House on January 17 to attend the opening of the 2012 New Mexico Legislative Session.

    The umbrella coalition that has organized this march will include Occupy groups from across the state, representatives of the unions, state workers, dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals.

    We will gather with a single, powerful vision for the future of our state – to Give Back New Mexico to its People.

    We will gather to celebrate the centennial of New Mexico statehood.

    We will put our imprint on common-interest bills such as SB 1 and SB 9. Hundreds of us will attend committee hearings and floor votes to respectfully voice our demands for representation.

    We will occupy the galleries and committee rooms and all our offices of government throughout the 2012 legislative session.

    Our coalition of citizens speaks with one voice: We are here. We are watching. We are the 99%.

    We ask you, our representatives, to listen to us. We ask you to work with us.

    And we invite you to embrace our vision – to Give Back New Mexico to its People.

    We are New Mexico.

    By: ‎(un)Occupy Albuquerque

    1. Schedule of Events:

      10:30-12 Speakers and Singers
      12:00 Marchers arrive
      12:05-12:15 Welcome Call Out. Special Acknowledgement of Pilgrims Walking from Albuquerque
      12:15-12:25 OSF Human Mic
      12:25-12:45 Music by 2bers
      12:45-1:15 Makana Song "We Are the Many" by Felicia Ford and Circle the Roundhouse
      1:15- 1:30 Response to Governor's Speech
      1:30-3:30 Statewide GA / Soap Box
      3:30-5:00 Work Groups

      Speakers and Singers

      Occupy Song by Stephen Klinger
      Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino
      Sen. Eric Griego
      Sen. Peter Wirth
      Rep. Brian Egolf
      Edwin Lemus
      MoveOn – Steven Mayes

      Songs by Consuelo Luz
      WAPH – Craig Barnes
      Somos- Victor Campos, Gladis Cobos, Hodias Lopez
      Unicopia – Faren Dancer
      350.org – Deirdre Smith

      Songs by Stephen Klinger
      Youth Allies – still waiting (need to get time off school)
      Unions – Miles Conway, Jon Hendry (maybe)
      Veterans – Daniel Craig
      Health Care Reform:
      Dr. Bruce Trigg, Network of Health Professionals
      James Besante, President, American Medical Students Association
      Dana Millen, Health Security for New Mexicans

      Songs by Consuelo Luz
      (1:30 - 3:30)
      Sen Michael Sanchez, who will re-introduce his bill this session

      Atty Ana Garner
      Diana Dorn-Jones
      Ann Galloway
      Cynthia Canyon
      One other

      Songs by Lycette Delapaz
      Environmental Issues:
      LANL - Michelle Victoria
      GMOs and Monsanto – Marie Campos, Isaura Andaluz
      New Energy Economy – Mariel Nanasi
      Nuclear Watch New Mexico – Scott Kovac

      Songs by Lycette Delapaz
      Other Issues:
      The 99% Pledge – Alan Hoffman
      The NDAA – Jeff Haas

      Songs by Bill Boaz, Mark Sardella, and Ann-Marie McKelvey Group

      Other Information:
      Please keep the entrances to the Roundhouse clear.
      Please make signs double-sided.
      Dress warmly. Bring food and beverages.

      This event will last all day.