Today, in the spirit of celebration, I treated myself to not one, but two new Orchids. I placed them together with my  now crestfallen white Easter Orchid inside the milky white glass top of a now defunct lamp, which happens to fit perfectly in to this old, but favorite bamboo basket. I hope the glass container will be suitable in holding the moisture for these plants which show over 30 potential blooms, now still in a bulbous state. Did you know Orchids grow naturally up in trees and love the feel of circulating air?

Since it is my birthday today, I got up with the dawn of light and made it out to the dog park by 7 AM, before the heat of the day and undeterred by the lure of the internet. An hour later we were hanging at the coffee shop, me with a double Cappuccino and my pups with treats they provide. On impulse I stopped by the adjacent book store where I had seen The Lazy Dog's Guide to Enlightenment and snatched up the second to last copy on sale. While the images in it are not of the greatest quality, they convey the message and one page after another makes me smile from one ear to the other.
We all make mistakes, but who we are is not one of them.
Will it do it's intended service and inspire me to a compilation of sorts of my own making?

Despite my expenses in an intolerable, unsustainable race with my laughable, defeated from the outset income (not because) I recently acquired objects I predict will stay close to me and my heart for a long time to come:

My 'Kentucky Derby Hat' makes me feel more, rather then slightly ridiculous wearing it, but at my age that is no longer a deterrent. The truth is my Anglo light skin is in dire need of protection from the sun when walking my pups and this to me justifies the expense. The Video Librarian's encouraging "go for it" helped me too in my decision to splurge.

A heavy duty wooden black shelf of folders, so necessary for the endless flow of papers that threatens to overtake my tiny by some measures space, proved irresistible. The introduction of this shelf necessitated a rearrangement of my whole working space, a work in progress. The heavy duty serious leather bag, hanging now on a heater that has not been used in decades, is actually what I have been missing when taking my laptop to a nearby coffee shop on bike. It is in perfect condition with all zippers working, I bless the writer lady that no longer wanted it along on her journey, may she travel safe and that much lighter to Hollywood and find the success she undoubtedly is seeking.

I sign off with another quote that I hope will make you smile and a shout out to Nancy who inspired this post with her request, thank YOU and thank you all for reading! 
Leave no door unopened ... unless it's time to nap.

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