Farmers Market

These days I go to the Farmers Market not so much to buy produce, but to watch people. Why have basic food items like potatoes, bread, salad and fruit in season become so expensive? I used to pick and choose a few stems of flowers for a few bucks, now the bouquets are way out of my price range. I do believe in buying local and organic, but the costs have become outrageous.
Last week though I treated myself to one of my favorite items I have had a hankering for, maybe because it has been my birthday month where always I seem to indulge myself even more then usual.

Heidi's Raspberry-Chile-Ginger Jam is the best! None other come even close. This kid happened to be a good sales man (not that I needed any convincing) with a sense of humor. Isn't he, I want to say cute, but cool really ought to be the adjective.
This virtuoso violin player was at it again last weekend. He reminds me of Picasso's blue period, looking sad and forlorn, although I doubt this is how he truly felt.
Soon this proud farmer will bring again his seriously hot Chile Peppers for roasting on the spot. The  beloved scent of roasting red and green peppers is so characteristic to our farmers market. Some eat those  hot peppers straight others add them to everything, not just eggs and beans, but bread. Not me.
While some like to point fingers,
others like to dance.
Blessed are those kids that get to have special time with their Dads at the market.
Ray managed to crack some smiles from some kids, as he blew them balloons for free,
while his service dog watched and his sign informs that tips are customary.
I did not mind that I got dripping wet as I picked up this gorgeous, irresistible flower pot.  I was relieved that I did not incur a traffic ticket, as I was woefully parked the wrong way.  This arrangement brightens our of late overcast days and spreads cheerfulness, so must be well worth it's weight in gold.

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