Art ain't about paint,
it ain't about canvas.
it's about ideas.
Too many people died
without ever getting their mind out to the world.
- Thornton Dial Sr. 1993

on the wall in the Folk Art section of the Smitsonian American Art Museum
according to Dr. Andrew Weil

The idea of Art has befuddled me for a good long while. Connecting it to the arena of thinking is not much comfort to me either, but I am all for expression, preferably of the higher Self.

I would think it is not so much a matter of what aspect of self we are using, but of how much of ourselves we pour in to our expression or simply our being our selves, that makes or breaks ART.

Too much importance is given to doing and thinking while being tends to get neglected. I have met Zen masters that seem to be real works of art! I do not mean this in a sarcastic way, which no doubt would be possible too, having heard some saucy stories. But no, the flowering of the human potential through meditation or any other means sure most be a form of high art.


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