The Cry for Justice that Reeks of Revenge

The cry for justice reeks of revenge. The mobs on the comment boards lust for bloody murder, sounding not unlike what the hecklers may have sounded like in ancient persecutions of say early Christians and later witches and throw in the french royalty as well. This spectator sport seems of a childish mind with little to no connection to a real live heart. What makes people delight in so much cruelty? Does the suffering of one's own family members justify such sentiments? The cries for  so called justice persist, as if the death of one man can reinstate another's life. There is no justice! Life can be terribly unfair. Stop already the cry of revenge, it hurts my heart, eyes and ears - and yours!

I admire the path the South Africans chose after apartheid. They held hearings, they aired their grievances, they listened to each others stories. It must have been cathartic, profound and healing. They moved on. We need more of that kind of wisdom, that kind of whole making process, that kind of humane encounters between perpetrators and victims. We need a being held accountable, a telling of our stories, a listening to each others pain, and eventually a forgiving and letting go, but never forgetting! 

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