Yesterday's grand opening ceremony of this year's Folk Art Market on the plaza was most exciting. 
The plaza was packed, the music great, the dancing inhibited due to limited space but the energy was way high.

My canine companion Isabella-girl smiled from ear to ear, I swear. I never seen so many dogs on the plaza. Two gorgeous Party Poodles, of course always those favorite Chihuahuas, but also one lumbering huge Bernese Mountain Dog and a variety of Mutts like mine.
Tuareg Artist

More recent photos with more explanations will follow.
These are from prior, cherished events, now in it's 7th year.

You can visit the Folk Art Market website and learn about the astounding details of this market's success.
A beautiful weaver from Guatamala


  1. These portraits are superb! Be very proud.

  2. Thanks Kendall. Just learned today that 'our' market was featured on Oprah, hooray! The economic impact to the communities is powerful. Artists take about 90% of profits back home to their communities. You would love this event which happens usually in mid July.